Hockey-specific training for explosive speed, agility, strength, conditioning.

Hockey-specific training to help players improve their explosive speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and skills on the ice.

Our mission is to help as many hockey players as we can in taking their hockey game to an optimal performance through our hockey fitness training expertise and sports nutritional knowledge.

Being in good shape is one thing. But being in good hockey shape is a whole different game plan. Hockey is a very physically demanding sport and having a better conditioned and fueled body is necessary if you want to be an effective player throughout the entire game, and advance your hockey career. 

Our Hockey Training is Functional Movements and Body Weight Training for female and adult women’s teams, small groups, and individual players, every workout is uniquely different and can include the following:

Coach Aimie Wallace off ice training

Explosive Female Hockey Development is proud to partner with Aim Wellness to provide off-ice training to EFHD athletes. 




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