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December 11, 2020by win


To the NHL’s aesthetic credit, the league’s resisted plastering advertisements on its uniforms.

Sure, there have been creative ways to sell ads on boards, glass, and other things. But what players actually wear? Not yet. Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports that the NHL is kicking around the idea of seeing ads on players’ helmets, though.

Crucially, it’s important to note that the NHL is mulling the idea of selling ads on players’ helmets. It’s not a done deal.

For some, any additional ads on equipment pushes the league down a slippery, icy slope toward gaudy, ad-filled jerseys. Some look worse than others, but NHL fans likely don’t want to see their favorite logos competing for space with, like, motor oil.

Even less egregious examples can start to look shaky when you just pour on a lot of ads.

NHL jersey ads: How bad could they be? - Eyes On The Prize

All of those misgivings aside, COVID hasn’t been kind to the bottom line of sports leagues, and the NHL is not immune to the impact of the pandemic. When you can’t have fans in the stands (or at least need to limit attendance), it’s wise to consider finding other forms of revenue.

But once you open the door to ads on NHL helmets, you run a greater risk of ads on jerseys.

Some might not care much at all. Others grit their teeth, fearing the inevitable. Purists might end up downright livid.

So what’s your take on the NHL possibly adding ads to players’ helmets?

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