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December 26, 2020by win

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Professional hockey player Oliver Patterson is what you call the โ€œstar of the ice.โ€ On the ice, he is a determined and elegant player who adores his teammates. He is always shown smiling and being confident in himself and his team’s abilities. Off the ice, he is a different person. He is aggressive and easily irritated. On top of hockey practice and all his games, he has to study to keep up his grades to not fail out of college. Saturday nights are the one night he gets to loosen up and live a little before starting his stressful week all over again. Just as he was finally managing his stress, a new guy transfers into his school and immediately wants to join the hockey team. Overwhelmed, Oliver abruptly says no and ends it at that. A few days after the outburst, he gets a knock on his dorm room door. It’s him. โ€œHey, Iโ€™m the kid you shot down. You wonโ€™t shut me down anymore. The names Daniel, but YOU can call me Danny.โ€

Episode 1 Plot
{FLASHBACK} The series begins with Oliver scoring the final goal of his sophomore year hockey season, winning the series. He is immediately congratulated and cheered on by the crowds in the stadium. Later on, Oliver and the captain of the hockey team talk before it pans out into current day. It’s the start of hockey season; another year without his darling captain he so much admired.


Camera: Canon Rebel t6
Music: Kevin Macleod – Royalty Free Music
Editor: IMovie ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Welcome to my series!! I’m so excited about this, it’s crazy!!
The camera sometimes didn’t focus, so I’m sorry about that :((


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