women's hockeyHow To Dress A Hockey Player

December 18, 2020by win

Dress a hockey player with some help from Pure Hockey!

To start playing hockey, you or your child will need the right equipment to have a safe, comfortable, and fun experience at the rink. Once the equipment is properly fitted and purchased, it’s important to know the correct and most efficient way to gear up before stepping on the ice. Pure Hockey is here to show you how.

While getting a hockey player dressed has some easy aspects thanks to advances in protective equipment, the order in which the gear goes on and the proper securing of the equipment may be intimidating to the new-to-hockey parent or player. We walk you through a young skater’s pregame equipment routine, so you can understand the most efficient way to dress a player – from securing the shin pads to grabbing the stick and heading out onto the ice.

When it comes to performance and protection, all equipment is important, but the hockey skates and hockey helmet are key aspects to focus on. Ensure the skate laces are secured tightly. Comfort is important, but stability is key for skating. Most young beginning players are not strong enough to tie their laces tight enough. Often it is the parent of the young player who will tie the skates tight, until the player is of an age which he has enough strength to do it on his own. When putting on the helmet, make sure the straps are fastened securely and the chin cup fits snugly against the chin.

Once dressed efficiently and properly, your young player will be ready to hit the ice and enjoy the greatest game one earth.

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