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Q: Does my daughter need full gear to participate? 

A: Yes, full gear is required.

Q: Do you offer any programs for high performance/rep players only?  

A: All our classes are listed in the programs tab and if there are high performance/rep only classes, it will be posted on our website once the program opens up. 

Q: Will you be offering programs to other ages in the future? 

A: Yes! In the meantime, if your daughter falls outside of the ages that we currently have programs for, we encourage you to contact us for private or semi-private lessons.  

Q: Do you have anything available for adults? 

A: Yes! Right now, we have private and semi-private lessons but we are currently expanding, please contact us so we can put you on our email list for adult programs once they become available. 

Q: When will registration be open for the next set of programs? 

A: Please follow us on social media https://www.facebook.com/explosivefemalehockey and/or subscribe to our newsletter so you will be the first to know when our registration opens for future classes! 

Q: Can I pay with cash or cheque? 

A: Yes! and no…we will accept cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT).  When you are at the end of registration and at the point of payment, there is a button that you can click to indicate that you would like to pay by cash or EFT.  Once the registration is complete, we will contact you to arrange payment. 

Q: If my child cannot make a session or we need to cancel due to conflicts, will we be able to obtain a refund? 

A: Unfortunately, no.  We book the ice assuming a certain number of registrations and in order for us to keep the programs at a reasonable price, we need to ensure that spots are full. 

Q: How many coaches will be on the ice in a session? 

A:  We believe in a maximum of 1 coach per 7 participants.  Most programs will have 2-3 coaches present to ensure that all participants are given an equal amount of one on one instruction throughout the session. 

Q: Do you sell any Explosive Female Hockey Development merchandise? 

A: Yes!  As of right now, we are setting up our online store and will be able to sell through our website.  All orders will be processed and will arrive at your next scheduled session. 

Q: What type of waivers or restrictions do you have? 

A:  When you originally sign up, you will fill out our member form which includes all of the pertinent information that we need to ensure that the participant has a great experience with us.  Further, at registration, there is a formal waiver that you will be required to acknowledge.  Currently, we will follow all COVID19 protocols as set forth in each respective Ice Arena. 

Q: Why do I need to create a member profile? 

A: We do this to ensure that we capture the right information on the participant and any known issues (allergies, vision issues, etc).  Once you have a profile set up, you don’t need to go through the questions/fields again.  The 2nd registration will be slick!  Our waiver form does stipulate that your existing member profile is up to date and accurate. 

Q: Are you insured? 

A:  Yes!  We have general liability insurance including COVID19 insurance. 

Q: Do you offer Private Training/Lessons? 

A: Yes!  You can book private training/lessons by contacting us directly to provide you with rates, times, and locations depending on the age and skill level of the participant. 

Q: Do you offer Off Ice Training? 

A: At the moment, no.  However, stay tuned for details of potential off ice programs in the future! 

Q: What are the qualifications of your coaches? 

A: Please visit our coaches page to review all of the credentials on each of our 6 coaches as well as our Advisory Nancy Wilson.  Experience ranges all the way to the international hockey level including one BC Hockey Hall of Fame inductee! 




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