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Tandem Training

Explosive Tandem Training is unique to Explosive Female Hockey Development where you get two Coaches during this private lesson series of 6 ice sessions or more. 

Each session the lesson starts with an edge, power, stride skating development coach and the last half of the lesson is with an hockey development coach. 

Each session is designed to the individual players needs as assessed by the coaches.    

6 session series – One hour each with Edge Power Stride Coach + Hockey Development Coach  

*Season series- Customized and Tailored Team Training Program for the individual skater up to and including 4 skaters.

Please contact us #604-561-5800 for a quote.


Female Hockey Team Development Training

Explosive Female Team Development program compliments a hockey team’s coaching staff. 

Consultation: Our Program Director will consult with your Head Coach (or Team Manager) to understand development objectives and needs. 

Program Development: Our first on-ice session will include an evaluation based on our assessment and will become the basis of a customized program for the remaining on-ice skating lessons.

Unique Program : To effectively implement the agreed-upon training program, we will provide ongoing communication to the coaching staff. Modifications can be made based on the improvements and needs of the players as well as requests made by the coaching staff.

When working with teams, we aim to maintain our 6:1 student to coach ratio, depending on the number of players on your team.

We highly recommend members of the coaching staff listen to the skating lessons to reinforcing our technique throughout the season.

Explosive Female Hockey Development, we have two options for team training.

Option #1: Hire us to coach your team on your practice ice.

Option #2: Your team travels to one of our on ice development sessions. 

When ‘Our Team’ is hired to train ‘Your Team’, our experienced female coaching staff will focus on all technical aspects of Hockey, Skating Skills and Development to become well acquainted with your Team needs, through continuous assessment.  

Each ice session will be divided by time: The first half hour will entail learning and practicing the fundamentals of skating by introducing the theory behind Edge, Power & Stride skills; the last half hour will necessitate hockey skills reinforced by drills and skill correction. 

Please Contact our Head Office for your Team Quote: 604-561-5800 

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