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December 10, 2020by win


In the summer of 2003, not long after Gene Chiarello turned 24 and had finished his third year of playing hockey and attending school at the University of New Brunswick, doctors discovered a tumor on his brain stem. In his first surgical procedure, he had a scope inserted in his nose in an effort to eradicate the tumor. In his first post-operative appointment, a Toronto oncologist told Chiarello that the tumor had grown back and was even bigger than original one and instructed him to go home to Sault Ste. Marie for palliative care. He endured six months of intense chemotherapy where he rarely left the hospital, then underwent a nine-hour surgical procedure where doctors cut from the corner of his eyebrow down the side of his nose and peeled the nose over so they could remove the dead remains of the tumor. Chiarello missed a full year of school, but returned and played his last year before going on to teacher’s college and later, law school.


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