At Explosive Female Hockey Development, our team of coaches makes learning skating and hockey skills, fun.  We develop plans specific to your team’s or association’s needs for improvement in all areas.

Our most important aspect of a hockey player’s training is to develop correct skating techniques programs along with enhanced programs for those players who wish to engage in solid foundational hockey development skills on and off ice.

EFHD incorporates the Edge, Power and Stride portion of development to help with players agility, speed and edges. 

This component of our training program assist and compliments the game of hockey skill and drill development, through ‘process of learning’ while gaining experience with your team players to develop and build solid foundations. 

We work with you

The Explosive Female Team Development program compliments a team’s or association’s program.

Consultation: Our Program Director will consult with your Head Coach to understand development objectives and needs. 

Program Development: Our first on-ice session will include an evaluation based on our assessment and will become the basis of a customized program for the remaining on-ice lessons.

Unique Program : To effectively implement the agreed-upon training program, we will provide ongoing communication to the coaching staff. Modifications can be made based on the improvements and needs of the players as well as requests made by the coaching staff.

When working with teams, we aim to maintain our 6:1 student to coach ratio, depending on the number of players on your team.

We highly recommend members of the coaching staff  join us  during the sessions  so they may be able to reinforce our techniques in their team practices throughout the season.

We have two options for team or association training. 

Option #1: Hire us to coach your team on your practice ice.

Option #2: Your team travels to one of our on ice development sessions. 

When ‘Our Team’ is hired to train ‘Your Team’, our experienced female coaching staff will focus on all technical aspects of Hockey, Skating Skills and Development.

“At the end of the day, the game is the same game that we’ve always known. Our EFHD Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with hope in giving more girls and women the opportunity to play in a way that makes sense for them.”




Explosive Female Female Hockey