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We are Explosive Female Hockey Development, taught by women with many years experience as players, instructors, and coaches fulfilling a fundamental need for a more athlete focused functional development model tailored to advancing female hockey players.

Our most important aspect of a hockey player’s training is to develop correct skating techniques programs, and we are setting out to provide a further enhanced program for players to engage in solid foundational and functional training on and off the ice.

We are striving to be the leading development program for females in our community that promotes positive hockey experiences at all levels.

Guided by female certified power skating and hockey instructors, we will leverage our strengths and experience in hockey to provide a high energy customized, and inspired practice techniques to produce a positive development experience and will create value for each player during each session.

This will enable us to achieve our objectives of creating a value driven development experience for every participant based on our foundational principles:  #BE_EXPLOSIVE = Strength + Power + Speed


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