women's hockey13 Times Female Fans Were Caught DISTRACTING Athletes… BUSTED!?!?!

December 9, 2020by win

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Becoming a professional athlete is a childhood dream for so many people… Growing up almost everyone fantasizes about stepping up to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs – in the bottom of the ninth of course… Or leading the offense down the field for a game winning touchdown… Sinking a buzzer beating three pointer…

Whatever the sport or dream may be…

Needless to say, reaching this level in sports is nearly impossible. It requires an ELITE level of athleticism, dedication, and if we are being honest, of course, a little bit of luck along the way.

So much so that as fans, we often forget that the pro athletes with see on the TV screen are in fact people too… Human beings that have the same propensity to be distracted by the same things that throw us regular folks for a loop.

This could be a number of things; the pressure of a BIG moment, organizational chaos – I’m looking at you New York sports teams… theatrics in and around the playing field. And last but not least – the occasional fans that rely on their God given assets to disrupt an athletes rhythm during a game.

While I’m sure everyone is aware of this phenomenon, it has been thrust back to the forefront of many people’s minds following the performance that two fans put on in D.C. during Game 5 of this year’s World Series. Those two women took the internet by STORM to say the very least… That got us thinking about some of the other strategic stunts that the sporting world’s bravest female fans have pulled off in recent years.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 13 of the most noteworthy ‘distractions’ orchestrated by physically well-endowed fans – starting with our most recent ‘transgressors’.s

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